OXFORD, {comprising the parishes of St. Giles, St. Aldate, St. Mary, and many others,} it is a city and parliamentary borough, the capital, assize, sessions, polling, and election town of the county of Oxfordshire. It is the seat of an episcopal see and one of the two principal English universities, and stands on a gentle eminence near the junction of the river Isis, which is a branch of the Thames, with the Cherwell. It returns to parliament four members, of whom two sit for the city and two for the university. The representation of the latter is a much-coveted distinction which is usually conferred upon eminent public men hence it is generally styled the “blue ribbon of the House of Commons.” There are two railway stations, belonging respectively to the London and Great Western and the London and North-Western companies. That - on the former is on a branch line from Didcot, and is 63� miles, while that of the latter is 779, miles distant from London. The city, the extent of which is about 2 miles from E. to W. by about 14 mile from N. to S., is situated in a sort of an amphitheatre surrounded on the W., S., and E. by well-wooded hills and fertile meadows, while to the N. it is flat and less thickly planted. …
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The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003

Oxford City Parishes

Archives and Libraries

This site will refer you to all the (Oxford University) College Archives.

In addition to the Bodleian library (which is, in reality, several distinct libraries), the University of Oxford has a large number of college and departmental libraries. Note these are not generally open to the public but this page will lead you to access and contact details.

There is a library on each campus of Oxford Brookes University.

There is a large public lending library in the centre of Oxford as well as several satellite libraries around the county.

Description and Travel

Town (Oxford City)

Welcome to Oxford

Oxford City Council

B&B in the City Centre in College accommodation

As long as you don't have a car in tow, you'll not find B&B much closer to the City Centre than Lincoln College

Gown (Oxford's Universities)


Stephanie Jenkins's pages on Oxford (&shire) History

Alan Simpson's The Demolished Houses of Broad Street, Oxford

Names, Personal

Stephanie Jenkins's pages of Oxford (&shire) people lists


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